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B. W. Bowmar, Co. was founded in Escalante  by Bill Bowmar in 1976. Bill began his machine shop career at the age of 16 when he wanted a gasoline engine for his model plane. Instead of buying him an engine, Bill's father bought him a lathe and drill press and helped him to make his own engines. Bill continued building his experience as a machinist until the day he died at the age 80. Bill's son, Paul, grew up in the machine shop and is now the owner and operator of B.W. Bowmar, Co.

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Since 1976, B.W. Bowmar, Co. has manufactured parts for:

  • Railroad Supply Corp.
  • Coles Power Models, maker of miniature live steam trains
  • Easton Aluminum, maker of archery equipment
  • Fisher Space Pen, famous for their writing and drafting equipment
  • Paul McCready, maker of weather and research equipment
  • Paul Kollsman, creator of prototype equipment for mining and whatever else his brilliant mind can dream up
  • Harwil Corp., maker of Flow switches, liquid level switches, and flow meters
  • EPM.AV Corp., aircraft part manufacturer

and the local ranchers and sawmill in and around Escalante, Utah.

We specialize in production runs as small as 1 to as large as 100,000 pieces or more. Small, turned lathe parts, milled parts, or stamped parts as thin as .003 inch.

If you need a single component of an assembly or a completed assembly packaged for the consumer, we can accommodate.

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